JusExpress is a company specialized in Consumer Law that has agile and practical processes. They are pioneers in customer service via email and telephone, so customers solve their problems quickly and with quality without needing a home. The project consists of modernizing the website with a cleaner, more objective interface and that the contents are easily understood and found.
In partnertship with Garimpo, we created a navigable wireframe for defining images and volume of content for all pages, building the interface using the guideline created previously and creating a style guide.
I built the information flow and architecture, and with them, the low-fidelity wireframe for viewing the navigation and interaction of all pages.
Interface design
I developed a modular layout using elements that are easy to resize in the responsive. I used a lightbox for a better experience and quick login and e-mail registration on the website, call to action buttons with vibrant color indicating the action the user must follow, strong colors based on the brand guide, outline icons with corners rounded to make the interface simpler, fun and light.
Style Guide
I designed the Style Guide preserving the brand identity and the simplicity of the interface elements.

Natusy Alves
Fernanda Oliveira
Naê Rodrigues

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