Gabriel Juliano is a true artist when it comes to jewelry. At the age of 16 he became a goldsmith by vocation and was improving in the area. In adulthood he developed a different and contemporary line in jewelry design that was internationally awarded by the A`Design Award. But how to show your genius to your audience?
With the help of a specialized team, I looked for a method to make the site as visual, didactic and responsive. We chose to create a wireframe that highlights the details of his works, with large and minimalist images. In the process, we produce your visual identity, photos of the jewels and your workplace. With all the resources together, we were able to focus on the interface design of your website.
I built the information flow and architecture, and with them, the low-fidelity wireframe for viewing the navigation and interaction of all pages.
Definition of visual identity and logo
I tried to develop an identity as contemporary as his work, opting for thin, well-defined lines and a monochromatic palette. In the logo we can see its main and most valuable material: the diamond
Art direction and photography support
The photos were divided into 2 categories: catalog and aspirational. The photos of the jewels are alternated between contrasts of light and dark backgrounds to bring dynamism to the site, but with a set of lights with less disparities so that we can notice all the information of your product. Aspirational photos - used on the about page and side menu - were made in a Lowkey Lighting aesthetic, that is, with high contrast between lights and shadows, to convey the craft sophistication of their craft.

Interface design

With all the resources together, I created an identity for the website itself. In it I used contrasts between the photos with light and dark backgrounds and alternating heights that contribute to the movement of the scroll. To bring more dynamism I worked on the Parallax effect in the sections.

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